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NTC thermistor with waterproof and oil-proof and high temperature resistance...

Wide Application Of Temperature Sensor

Wide Application Of Temperature Sensor

Knowledge Of The Composition And Material Of Temperature Sensor...

Temperature sensor consists of six parts: thermistor, housing, holder, wire, stuffing, connector, sleeving. The thermistor is the most important component, because it contains the core part of the temperature sensor - the chip. The housing material mainly includes metals, ceramics, plastics, sili...

1 - Customer’s Requirements

We would like to know the customer’s requirements about the NTC sensor , such like the resistance, accuracy, cable length, operating temperature range and also product drawing , picture or just description. All parameters could be custom design....

2 - Analyze

Our engineering team will provide their suggestion as per customer’s requirement, mark all the detail of each part, such as the wire length, diameter, and part number of connectors....

3 - Quote

Our engineering team will calculate the cost of the ntc sensor based on the parameter and quantity, then quote to customer.

4 - Drawing

We will give the product drawings, after confirm the product specification and arrange the Sample.

5 - Sample

we will provide samples for testing and confirmation.

6 - Construct

Customer approve and sign back the drawing , we will place the NTC sensor products in the ERP system.

7 - Mass product

All the pre-production work is ready, we will run the order as per regular produce product

8 - 100% Testing and full inspection

We tested and inspected all the thermistor sensor one by one before pac

9 - Package

NTC thermistor sensor we use anti-static bag/box packing, if not, we can according to your requirement.

10 - Shipping& tracking

Ship the goods as request and then inform the customer about the shipping information, tracking the cargo in time.

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