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Technical Ariticle

Detector and NTC Thermistor

Time:2022-12-16 Views:349

The flow detector is an instrument for measuring pipeline flow. It is widely used, mainly in industry, electric power, aviation shipbuilding industry, paper industry, textile industry and so on. When many flow detectors are in use, the heat dissipation performance is relatively large, which leads to a high overall temperature of the detector and affects the service life of the detector.

Therefore, the detector needs a cooling device to dissipate heat. The NTC thermistor is fixed and installed inside the cooling device by bolts. While dissipating heat, the speed of the cooling fan can be adjusted through the thermistor. The NTC thermistor is extremely sensitive to temperature, and it shows different resistance values at different temperatures. The resistance value of the NTC thermistor is higher when the temperature of the detector is higher. The lower the temperature is, the higher the internal voltage of the heat dissipation fan will be, and the speed of the heat dissipation fan will increase, improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the detector.

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