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Technical Ariticle

Long Term Operating NTC Temperature Sensor under High Temperature

Time:2023-02-11 Views:51

NTC temperature sensors are widely used in various fields, such as EV, office automation equipment, smart home and others. With the development of electronic technology,  higher requirements are raised for temperature sensors, such as fast response and sensing speed, high precision, high temperature resistance, etc.

The main part of NTC temperature sensor is glass encapsulated NTC thermistor, it is potted by epoxy and protected by metal housing. However, this type of NTC temperature sensor has its own problems: a long temperature sensing distance and large tolerance in accuracy. Additionally, epoxy restricts the sensor’s long term operation under high temperature (even under 125℃), and its performance is far from expect.

To solve this problem, EXSENSE offers a temperature sensor with higher precision, sensitivity and reliability, which can operate long term under high temperature.

How to make:

1.Take an AC welding machine and weld the dumet wire of the glass-sealed thermistor (1) to conductors (41) of the two wires (4) respectively.

2.Stir the SUS sealing glass powder with water until they are mixed and pasted, then dip the thermistor’s (1) glass encapsulation(12) into the paste, stay for 2 seconds until it is evenly coated, later sinter the encapsulation (12)and SUS housing(2).

3.Inject high-temperature-resistant silicone potting gel (3) into the SUS housing (2), and make sure it (2) is completely filled

4.Cure the high-temperature-resistant silicone potting gel (3)

5.Clamp the terminals to the wires (4)

6.Socket the terminals into connectors.

7.Test the electronic characteristics for the finished temperature sensor.

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